On-Demand Webinar


With Jeff Shiver

Think "Inside the Box" for Maintenance Success

Planning and scheduling is the hub of a proactive work management system yet studies show only 10% of planner, schedulers are utilized effectively. Have you set yours up for success or failure? You’re invited to join expert Jeff Shiver, CMRP as he shares insight and experience on the practices that either limit or drive the effectiveness of maintenance planning and scheduling.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:
  • It’s not about planning and scheduling more work
  • Identifying limiting and enabling practices
  • Getting the right boots on the ground
  • Be strategic
  • Setting attainable expectations
  • Leadership and direction
  • What are the supporting tools?
  • What gains can you make?

Jeff is joined by host Charles Hamer, CEO of Sockeye. Sockeye's online maintenance scheduling tools are specifically designed to expedite weekly and daily scheduling, giving planners more time to focus on long term plans, while improving workforce utilizing to boost worker safety and uptime.