On-Demand Webinar


With James Kovacevic

The 5 Levels of Effective Maintenance Scheduling

Scheduling ensures the right maintenance is executed at the right time. The benefits to the business of proper scheduling are many and include, reduced planned downtime, reduced overtime, and reduced unplanned downtime. In this webinar, expert James Kovacevic, MMP, CMRP, CAMA, from HP Reliablity shares the 5 levels of scheduling to enable the full integration of operations and maintenance schedules.

Today, many organizations are ill-equipped to effectively schedule the most important work orders to improve plant performance. Scheduling should start at the 52-week level and cascade into the 16, 4, and 1-week levels, finally ending with daily scheduling. Attend this session to learn how to fully align your work prioritization criteria with business risks and gain agreement from your leadership team.
  • Understand the impact of proper scheduling on TEEP
  • Discover the different types and levels of scheduling
  • Understand the importance of proper prioritization on scheduling
  • Develop a prioritization process that can be implemented immediately
  • Develop a plan to implement the 5 levels of scheduling in your organization

James is joined by Sockeye CEO Charles Hamer who shares how online maintenance scheduling tools are specifically designed to expedite weekly and daily scheduling, giving planners more time to focus on long term plans, while improving workforce utilizing to boost worker safety and uptime.