Struggling to Schedule in your CMMS/EAM?

You implemented an EAM/CMMS.  It took way longer than you thought and yet your planners and supervisors still haven’t developed proficiency. Enter Sockeye! It's intuitive enough for a planner or supervisor to use without training. Unlike Excel, Sockeye compliments your CMMS, and information like status changes and actual effort is kept in sync and in one place.

Demo Sockeye Today

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Easy CMMS Integration

Get up and running fast:

  • Bi-directional connector
  • SaaS hosting - in the cloud
  • SAP and CMMS compatible

Big Picture Visibility

Keep everyone on the same page:

  • Real-time data in one place
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • No more excel data exporting

Smart SMRP KPI's

Accurate suite of SMRP metrics:

  • Scheduling compliance & crew utilization
  • Reactive & Preventative Maintenace
  • Planned vs. Unplanned


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