Simply Schedule Weekly Work Orders

Unlike Bigbox solutions, Sockeye is easy to implement, quick to learn and integrates with your CMMS, so you can easily schedule your weekly work orders. Sockeye eliminates the need to copy and paste data into Excel from your CMMS, instantly saving over 50% of a planners and schedulers time each week. Plus, with Sockeye you can better manage your crew utilization and start to see impactful metrics like scheduling compliance all in one dashboard. 

Sockeye's Features

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Get up and running fast and securely:

  • Easy to install bi-directional connector
  • Secure, in the cloud hosting or on site option
  • Connects to SAP, Maximo, Infor and more

Increase crew utilization and reduce overtime:

  • Real-time data, available in one place
  • Easy to use platform everyone wants to use
  • Intuitive scheduling process that's simple 

Accurate suite of SMRP metrics:

  • Scheduling compliance & crew utilization
  • Reactive & Preventative Maintenace
  • Planned vs. Unplanned and so much more!


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